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Who do we create the content for? Get to know our readers directly and personally!

Lennard Liebhaber - Small but fine


Often lives from music as a musician or service provider

Has taught himself a lot autodidactically

Has no interest in software (programs, apps, plugins)


Does not only buy new, short-lived products / devices, but honors old things


More about "repair of old devices": contact points, contacts, maintenance à like article and database (online / print)

Lars Laptop - Evolution rather than imitation


Mainly electronic music on computer / laptop

DJ as a sidejob but sees himself more as a producer

(Ambitious) hobby

Little interest in technology and vintage


To live up to his own artistic standards

Constantly evolving


Better linking the digital and analog world, e.g. through "Best of online" page

More information about "Internet Labels": Creative Commons Net Labels, new licenses for new media

Patrick Profi - Heart and passion


Has several sources of income: live musician, studio producer (e.g., film music), composer, lecturer, organizer, piano teacher, etc.

Not working as a DJ

Has a professional musical education, mostly studying


Follow new trends, do not stay put (especially with film music)

Do not copy yourself, but always find new inspiration


More information about the personality and philosophy of an artist and musical instruments à the artistic value of the keyboards is important

Thomas Tastenfreund - Classical


Had classical piano lessons

Focus on keyboard instruments

Plays in several bands / live formations with and without singers

Does not produce electronic music, not a DJ


Continue to keep the joy of playing


Prefers more detailed articles with pictures

Tests with real empirical values ​​from practice, which one does not experience in the store and which can not be represented with technical values