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The right surroundings are decisive for the success of your banners!

Display advertising remains an important component in the marketing mix. Its  importance is equal to the importance of print and social media. A banner’s relevance to its thematic environment is an essential factor. Studies around the globe prove that when banners are relevant to the article that the user is reading, then the reader’s acceptance and interest are strongly and positively influenced, and the advertised product is more lastingly retained in the reader’s memory and mindset. At  Keyboards.de, you have the opportunity to present your products in thematically relevant, search-engine-optimized surroundings. You can even combine your banners with matching keywords so the banners appear only if the keyword is present in the URL or in the text.

Ad formats


Desktop 980 x 250 Pixel

Mobile 320 x 100 Pixel

CPM: 30€

Content Ad

(Medium Rectangle)

300 x 250 Pixel

CPM: 24 €


All advertising material will be delivered in rotation. On request also exclusively possible.

Data delivery, advertising material

All banner formats up to max. 100 KB. Data formats: JPEG, GIF, HTML 5, Flash (in case of Flash please provide default GIF). Delivery no later than 5 days before the campaign is first activated. Combined prizes for the entire community (guitar & bass, sound & recording, sticks, keyboards and Musikmachen.de) on request.