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Attract attention with a unique format!


Supplements are printed matters that are firmly attached to the magazine. Only the total circulation can be supplied. The print matters have to be presented ready for use by the client.

2-sided 320.00 Euro per 1,000 copies
4-sided 360.00 Euro per 1,000 copies
6-sided 400.00 Euro per 1,000 copies
8-sided 450.00 Euro per 1,000 copies

Max. format 200 x 270 mm

Bound inserts

Post cards, product samples, CDs, etc. are glued to a carrier advertisement (minimum 1/1 page) in a way that they can be removed effortlessly. They have to be closed to the binding in order to be processed. Bound inserts are only possible in the beginning of the booklet.

90.00 Euro per 1,000 copies plus postal charges

Before the order can be confirmed sample copies of the supplements and bound inserts have to be checked by the publishing house. Please send us 5 sample copies until the advertising deadline.

Grant for processing: 300 copies

Special advertising formats


Add post cards on the 1st page of a binding (differentiation between adhesive and saddle stiched binding).

Add CDs on the 1st page of the binding

Add CD in covermount (possible between 2 bindings)

Add post-it (post-it delivered)

Add lenticular foil on cover (delivered)

Add booklets on cover page

Booklet in magazine (A5 to A4) as supplement to remove before U3/U4

Mega-insert (2-3 cm larger than the magazine)


6-sided gate-folder

6-sided back-folder

Shortened cover flap with 2nd title possible

Attached bookmark at U3/U4 to fold (size depends on the page content)


6-sided foldout (both left and right)

8-sided altar fold (only possible with adhesive binding between 2 bindings)

Removable poster in the middle of the magazine

Refinement on cover (price depends on page content and choice of color)

Blind embossing; cold foil; textured paint; metal color; luminous paint

Pressing; UV-irodin paint

Price structure

Price up to 25 g individual weight 400.00 Euro per 1,000 copies

Over 25 g individual weight on request

Partial booking up to 25 g individual weight 450.00 Euro per 1,000 copies

Max. format 200 x 270 mm